03rd May, birthday

It will be just another day, that’s what I was thinking a day before. There was no excitement, no feel, it was just normal. I wanted to postpone this day. Are birthdays really special ? But few hours before my b day I was not getting any feel. Does that mean I am getting older and there is no adventure, fun, and excitement now. Well NO man, this couldn’t be the case.

So finally that moment came, you can’t stop time nor you can postpone your b day. It was a good start, my brother wished me with a chocolate :-), started getting phone calls and most of the calls were unexpected. I never thought these people will call me on my birthday and that too in the midnight. Started feeling somewhat good by this time. Then had a good discussion with one of my friend for a long time. As expected no result as we both were firm on our decisions. But we decided few things and ended the call happily. Then few more phone calls and later I slept around 3 am.

My father wished me early morning and I was half sleep that time but believe me it felt great. Some moments are just so damn good that you can’t express them in words and it was one of them. I continued sleeping, phone rang again but I didn’t realize as was lost in dreams. My mom wished me before going to office, she was a bit upset with me but mothers can’t get upset with you for long 🙂 Then finally I decided to leave the bed. Went downstairs to get my grandparent’s blessings.

I am on off today i.e no office. Actually I decided that I will not go to office on my b day sometime back. Though I had no plans as such for the b day. I am really free today, enjoying each phone call, texts etc. On your birthday you start feeling like a celebrity 😉

I am not in the mood to party today. May be because I party very often these days so didn’t feel like doing the same stuff  today at least. 😀 Its noon time already, half of the day has passed. It was good. The second half will be even better. Now I’m planning for some small outing. After that dinner with family.

Let see how it goes. That’s it for this post. Just feel like writing something today, so did it. 🙂
Thanks for reading.

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A Wednesday

It was a Wednesday, around 2:15 pm in watch and I was on my way back from office on my bike. it was a bit hot but as there was not much traffic, I was enjoying the ride. But that didn’t lasted long, just rided for about 15 kms and then suddenly bike’s engine stopped working in the middle of the road. I managed to stop the bike in the corner and then was tying to figure out what actually happened. It was like engine was seized or something.Even the bike’s kick was jammed badly, so no chance of starting the bike on my own. There was no other option at that time but to drag the bike and I know that there is a petrol pump nearby where I could get some mechanic to fix this. So I started dragging it in under the scorching sun and all vehicles were over taking me, all the fun of riding was already gone by that time. I dragged it for about a kilometer then somehow a bike stopped behind me and the rider offer to push my bike with his foot so that I don’t need to drag that. I felt happy and thanked that person and somehow managed to take the bike to the mechanic. But that’s not all, it was just the trailer of what happened next.

And I handed over the bike to the mechanic and he started working to fix it. He tried his level best for about 2 hours giving me hope that it will be fixed soon, changed the engine oil, checked the engine’s magnet, tried to rotate that but all his effort goes in vain. And he quits in the end telling that it won’t be possible to repair here, you have to take it to some workshop. And I was like what the heck, I was in the middle of my journey, my home was almost 19 kms from there and there was no workshop near by. I tried to put my bike in the auto rickshaw but that won’t work either. I was so tired that I thought of parking the bike nearby, so that I’ll come later with some tempo etc to take it. But things are not that easier, there was no parking place near by too. The last option that I had that time was to take some tempo or goods carrier auto and somehow take the bike home. So I tried that also, but it was not my day and 5pm to 9pm is no entry for such vehicles in Delhi. So that didn’t worked either.

Finally tired and helpless I was sitting on my bike calling friends to check if someone was nearby and their advises as well. Then suddenly I saw that a bike crashing on the road but luckily no vehicle was coming from behind that time and bike just got slipped because of the sand and pebbles that was there on the corner of the street. But that was not all, only 10 minutes have passed and another bike while turning left got slipped and got hit by the pedestrian. I ran to help that person but what I saw was really miserable, his foot was broken, I mean it was like he was holding it or else it might even fall. Traffic police was there too and they called the ambulance. He was in full senses and was holding his leg, but still he called his friends to reach there, I appreciate that person’s courage and then the ambulance came and me with help of couple of people standing there manged to shift him to stretcher and then I called his friends to directly reach the hospital. And parked his bike in the corner and handed him the keys. He then left in the ambulance, all I came to know that his name is Aman and he lives in Janak Puri. I pray that his foot is treated properly and he should be fine now. Then I told the traffic policemen standing there busy in stopping trucks and giving them tickets or to be precise taking money ( bribe ) to get that sand and stuff cleaned and they said “sarkaar ko bol rakha hai, saaf hi nahi karvaate” I was pissed off badly and had an argument with that person too.

I was in no mood to stand there for a moment also, so again I started dragging my bike. Luckily same thing happened this time too, someone again helped and I covered around 5kms more. Then he left as he has to go in another direction.

I was really tired at that time, as I didn’t had anything since morning, left early from office hoping that will have lunch at home, but who knows that this will happen. So I called a friend for help, and he said it will take around an hour for him to reach there. Meanwhile I had something there, and then I waited for him as I was really tired to drag it further. Then at around seven he came on his bike and then somehow we managed to push that with the foot while riding, I did that for the first time, i.e. pushing the other bike with the foot while riding and that too for 15 to 18 kms. Finally we managed to reach home in that traffic around 8 pm. It was the maximum time one can take to reach Rohini from Gurgaon. I wont forget that almost one hour journey which took 6 hours and that too with such horrible experiences. So this was how that wednesday ended.

But some days are like that only, you can’t help it. 🙂 So after one week again on a Wednesday, I am posting it. 😉

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Notice / Reminder

Dear Kartik

This is to inform you that there has been no activity from your end since last 9 months violating all the blogging laws. Kindly start maintaining it or else some serious action will be taken. This is the first and the last reminder.


Admin/ Owner ( Kartik’s Space )


Well that notification was really embarrassing,  I couldn’t believe that 9 months have passed so fast. Somebody said it right that time flies.  This is going to be my first blog post of 2011 and almost 3 quarters have been passed away. Strange but true. As while writing this, I am thinking of the reasons because of which I couldn’t write. The reasons could be ( arranged in accordance of their priority )  :

  • Laziness 😀
  • Didn’t have that much internet access for some time like 3 months or so 😉
  • Tweeting 😛

Okey now I admit that the only valid reason was “laziness”  to a great extend. Yeah I was lazy. 😀

To be frank I was thinking to write a blog post for a months, but you know… 😉

Today while coming back home from office, the only thing running in my mind riding bike was I would definitely blog, be it anything.

Well obviously lot of things have happened during this time, but right now i would just like to mention that I am back in Delhi and currently working in Gurgaon. Will share more in my upcoming posts and yeah this time I’ll make sure that there won’t be any such long delay 😀

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New year’s eve

Its new year eve and for the first time in my life I am like sitting in front of my system and waiting for the new year.  I had a very good option to go  a disc and enjoy the new year but don’t know I didn’t get that feel today to go there. So I thought it would be great to end this year with a small blog post. Well as the year is about to end in a few moments I am just revising or you can say going in flashback and remembering all those moments. Those moments are like a fusion of college, night outs, movies, friends, 1D60, jaipur, jodhpur, kota, parties and a lot more things. And while thinking of those moments now, automatically a smile comes to my face. 🙂 I can just say that 2010 was full of fun for me. I wont say that it was the best year for me and bla bla bla. But yeah I really enjoyed it. I am feeling that this time “/me is celebrating new  year in Shree’s (my college’s buddy) style : sitting in front of PC and enjoying.”  😉

So in the end, I wish you all a very happy and a prosperous new year.

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Well I am officially an engineer now. Its been a month since my college life has ended. Today i am sitting in front of my computer in my room with a cup of coffee in my hand and while browsing the web suddenly some weird feeling came and i thought to spit that out by trying to write what it is all about. Where shall I start from? Its always the key point but one thing I must say life has changed seriously in this one month. Its not that life has become a burden or bored or there is no excitement and adventure. But yeah this time I felt that a new phase has begin already. There are more responsibilities this time i guess. A month has passed by so fast and I was too busy also during this time due to some medical problems in family and some renovation stuff at home. Everything seems to be settled now.

Okey now lets get back to the topic from where we were diverted, “life has changed seriously” the main point is now I have to sit and think “what next?” while this was not the case with college life, there were these kinds of questions and cases but they were sought-ed out very fast like “ sahi hai yaar, itna kya sochna, dekhi jaayegi, sambhaal lenge jo bhi hoga.” Today I am also in a dilemma about what to do? There were so many questions like this and that, I should do this and then nah its not that good, this job is cool, oh what job :-0 they were never cool and so on. And this time I am not able to stick to one thing. As each day passes some new idea and some other thing diverts me towards itself. This is crazy and I don’t why i am enjoying it too. 🙂

Now lets talk about another thing (culprit) that bothers me sometimes but for a very short while. That is “Society” social talks of people. I guess you got it what I am trying to say, don’t want to mention that crap over here. 😀 Anyways who cares. One thing i would like to mention is that the I have learnt a lot in this one month. A lot of new experiences, new stuffs that I have never done earlier. Well its very rightly said that “if you wanna judge someone, give him power” and this time I got that power (responsibilities) from my family. Don’t know what they have judged about me, 😉 but it was great for me.

Now time to seriously think about career too, 😛 Its very late already, but lets begin now. Its been ages, since I blogged  and this post has become a mixture ( this and that and so on)

Thanks for reading, suggestions/reviews invited.

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Unwilling to wait

Its been quite a long time that I am not able to concentrate on a single thing, while doing one I skip to another and so on. Now it has become a vicious chain and the result is no solution. I myself has created a big mess for me. There are so many things in my mind or there is a long to do list that needs to be implemented  and nothing is completed yet. What I have realized  about myself is that I became impatient and start new things without getting the outcome from the previous stuff or demands output too early from that stuff. The problem with this is that It didn’t happen as per my expectation. From a long time I am struggling or surviving with this kind of feeling and all this mess but now as I have recognized what the issue or rather problem is, so it will surely be a bit easy for me to tackle. As to solve something one must need to know what the problem is actually. It is still more on words right now (fundas to be precise) but planning is also essential before beginning anything. So from now onwards I’ll try to adapt some patience. Time is very limited now, hope to compete well with all those stuff that was not completed earlier.

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Life and fun

Its been quite long without blogging, that means I have a lot of stuff to write now. My seventh semester exams are over. New semester has already started officially. 😛 Meanwhile I had attended two marriages. One at Delhi i.e my cousins marriage. It was a good family get together. We had loads of fun. The other marriage was of my senior who has passed out from college. It was great fun there too, it was like meeting seniors, having fun, enjoyment, masti, in short fultu aish. While attending this wedding i was remembering my exam days, as I was in a similar situation at that time. I was damn tired because of a sleepless night travelling  as I am not used to get sleep in buses and travelling continuously from two nights and on the third night was the wedding so no sleep then also. It was a bit related to exam time as at that time also I was in the same situation i.e sleepless night but because of studies this time. 🙂 The feeling that I enjoyed most at both the times is to do something with full passion, energy, enthusiasm, a bit of tension(that in case of exams only 😀 ). It doesn’t matter whether it be study or having fun. The motto is to do  everything to the fullest. As it is said “you have to risk it to get the biscuit”. I also believe in this thing to a great extend. Thats why I don’t study the whole semester and study only in exams.  😉 My parents don’t understand this thing and I used to get scoldings from them. 😛 But I actually like those scoldings. Ahh I was talking about fun and didn’t realized that it is now getting more to studies. But there is one thing which I like the most about this style of mine, The ‘feeling’ that comes when the exams completes and thinking about that whole hectic scenario. Well fun is still going on but now as college life is going to end soon, there is a question that is arising in my mind “what next?” and what about this fun. This is the crucial time upon which my career will depend and I am enjoying, having fun. Is it good, don’t know ! suddenly while writing now I am getting this kinda feeling. This is it now I must stop myself from writing further. 🙂

As Holi is coming this week so Happy Holi in advance.

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Today I felt like writing something. I don’t know why because I am not used to write this stuff  and all. So here I go with my first post. One thing is that I was not selected by Infosys but that is not the only reason for me to write this post. That was my first attempt for getting placement in a company and I was not able to clear the aptitude test even :D. It was my first experience and I learnt some things which I used to hear from my seniors too that luck was something that matters a lot in these placements stuff now I am realising that :). I was not selected but doesn’t mean I am not lucky 😛 . There is some big Jackpot waiting for me. B-) 31 students from my college got appointed in Infosys , a big congrats to all of them. Hey one thing that I forgot mention was that that I was caught while cheating in the aptitude that was a bit embarrassing for me but that was a reality and I must accept that. May be that was the reason that I was not selected, lol. Its only 1 week remaining for my semester exams and I haven’t opened the book yet. Still guys “AAL IZZ WELL” ! Hope that all remains well after the exams too. Now I guess the time has come that i start studying or else It will be a big mess.This is basically a random post( some random thoughts coming together in my mind). But now one thing for sure I will keep blogging from now onwards. I wanted to from a long time but” better late than never”.Well that’s it for this post, will post something soon.

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